Get a Concealed Pistol License in Nunica, MI

Visit Copper Creek Shooting Academy to get started

If you want to get a concealed pistol license to protect yourself and your family, reach out to us. Copper Creek Shooting Academy has 25 years of experience helping residents of Grand Rapids, Nunica, Walker, MI feel more comfortable around firearms, in addition to getting their concealed pistol licenses.

Our CPL class costs $149 for an all-inclusive eight-hour day of instruction. Contact us today to sign up.

Wondering what to expect from our class?

When you take our CPL class, you can expect us to:

  • Provide the pistol and ammo you need during practice sessions
  • Teach an eight-hour course covering safety guidelines and concealed carry laws
  • Provide breakfast, lunch and beverages over the course of the eight-hour class
  • Help you feel comfortable handling firearms
  • Award you a CPL certificate following the completion of the course

Learn more about our concealed pistol license class by texting us at 231-750-0019 now.